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Company information

Company Information

ARACO means Aragonesa de Conejos.
And this is not by chance. We live fully integrated in specific surroundings, under the influence of the history and countryside that is our environment: The Monegros and the Sierra de Alcubierre. This is where ARACO was born, in Leciñena, a town in Aragon at 30 Km. from Zaragoza (please see location map).

We produce one of the very best meats, rabbit meat, which is healthy and natural. We market the meat on trays for self-service, in carcasses and cut up in bulk. We combine traditional wisdom and innovation. With our very own simple approach. Simple ideas that work, tenacity and illusion.
A cuniculture company established in 1983 capable of guaranteeing the quality of the final product for sale, the selection of the animals, their traceability and the very strict putting into practice of all food safety standards. 
Men and women, people, persons, who both individually and collectively do everything possible and share a job well done.

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